Program of IBM 2017

Program – lectures and posters
ORAL PRESENTATIONS (only presenting person listed)
Thursday 5th October
9:00-9:10 Opening of the Immature Beetles Meeting
9:10-9:40 Maxwell V.L. Barclay (UK)

Recollections on the Life and Work of a great immature-beetle pioneer, Fritz Isidore van Emden (1898-1958).

9:40-10:10 Rafał Gosik (Poland)

Morphology of immature stages of Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmol. 1968 and O. coecus Germ. 1824.

10:10-10:40 Helena Shaverdo (Austria)

Larval morphology of Sandracottus mixtus (Blanchard, 1853) (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) with biological notes and phylogenetic considerations.

10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Aleksandra Kilian (Poland)

A few new facts about larvae of Leiodes (Leiodes) cinnamomea (Panzer, 1793) (Leiodidae, Leiodini).

11:30-12:00 Richard Leschen (New Zealand)

Riffles and Mosses: Systematics and larvae of New Zealand Hydora (Coleoptera: Elmidae).

12:00-12:20 Martin Fikáček (Czech Republic)

Usual and unusual ways of breathing in hydrophiloid larvae: are textbooks wrong?

12:20-12:30 Robert Angus (UK)

Strange Protozoa in the haemocoels of Dytiscid and Hydrophilid water beetles.

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Place: “U Šumavy”

14:00-14:30 Gabriel Biffi (Brazil)

The importance of immature traits in Cantharidae systematics (Coleoptera).

14:30-15:00 Simone Policena Rosa (Brazil)

The discovery of a new genus and species of Penicillophorinae (Phengodidae) from Southeastern Brazil: description of larva, pupa, neotenic female and alate male.

15:00-15:30 Robin Kundrata (Czech Republic)

The current state of knowledge of the larvae of Drilini (Elateridae: Agrypninae).

15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:30 Mark Volkovitsh (Russia)

Morphology of the larva of Cypress jewel beetle Lamprodila (Palmar) festiva (L.) and the problem of delimitation of Poecilonotini and Dicercini using larval characters (Coleoptera: Buprestidae).

16:30-17:00 Nut Songvorawit (Thailand)

Larval performance differences between Aegus chelifer chelifer stag beetles (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) from urban and forest habitats.

17:00-17:30 Kolla Sreedevi (India)

Description of the third instar larva of white grub, Brahmina coriacea (Hope) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) – an endemic pest on potato in India.

18:00-night Larval pub I. – informal discussions over a glass (or glasses) of Czech beer.

Place: “V Podskalí”

Friday 6th October
9:10-9:40 Ondřej Kouklík (Czech Republic)

Larval morphology of Goliathini (Coleoptera: Cetoniinae) and its contribution towards the understanding of the group’s evolution.

9:40-10:10 Dominik Vondráček (Czech Republic)

Phylogeny of the genus Oxythyrea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) using molecular, ecological and morphological data from adults and larvae.

10:10-10:40 Jiří Skuhrovec (Czech Republic)

Description of mature larvae and pupae of Conotrachelus dimidiatus: the adversary of the delicious Psidium guajava.

10:40-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Arnaud Faille (Spain)

Contraction of life cycle in cave beetles.

11:30-12:00 Fabiano Albertoni (Brazil)

Bromeliads as beetle birthscentres in Brasil with remarkable news on Chelonariidae immatures.

12:00-12:30 Jonas Köhler (Germany)

DNA barcoding of Coleoptera larvae: Its impact for ecological-faunistic monitoring studies on the example of woodlands south of Münster (Germany).

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Place: “U Šumavy”

14:30-18:00 Personal program, sightseeing of Prague, or organized visit of Coleopteran collection in National Museum.
18:00-night Larval pub I. – informal discussions over a glass (or glasses) of Czech beer.

Place: “U Šumavy”

Davide Scaccini (Italy)

Observation on the pupal stage of Platycerus caprea and P. caraboides (Coleoptera: Lucanidae).


Enochrus japonicus (© Yûsuke Minoshima & Masakazu Hayashi)

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