List of Participants (updated after the meeting)

Fabiano Albertoni (Brazil)

  • Presentation: 

Fabiano Albertoni: Bromeliads as beetle birthscentres in Brasil, with remarkable news on Chelonariidae immatures.

Jorge Ari Noriega Alvarado (Colombia/Spain)

Robert Angus (United Kingdom)

Emmanuel Arriaga Varela (Mexico/Czech Republic)

Peter Baňař (Czech Republic)

Max Barclay (United Kingdom)

  • Presentation:

Max Barclay & Beulah Garner (presented on behalf of Prof. H. F. van Emden): Recollections on the Life and Work of a great immature-beetle pioneer, Fritz Isidore van Emden (1898-1958).

Jan Batelka (Czech Republic)

Gabriel Biffi (Brazil)

  • Presentation:

Gabriel Biffi & Sônia A. Casari: The importance of immature traits in Cantharidae systematics (Coleoptera).

Svatopluk Bílý (Czech Republic)

Kristýna Bubeníková (Czech Republic)

Jon Cooter (United Kingdom)

Cleide Costa (Brazil)

Arnaud Faille (France/Spain)

  • Presentation:

Arnaud Faille: Contraction of Life cycle in cave beetles.

Martin Fikáček (Czech Republic)

  • Presentation:

Martin Fikáček, Yusuke Minoshima & Robert Angus: Usual and unusual ways of breathing in hydrophiloid larvae: are textbooks wrong?

Michael Geiser (Switzerland/United Kingdom)

Rafał Gosik (Poland)

  • Presentation:

Rafał Gosik, Peter Sprick & Agata Dzyr: Morphology of immature stages of Otiorhynchus smreczynskii Cmol. 1968 and O. coecus Germ. 1824.

Jiří Hájek (Czech Republic)

Peter Hlaváč (Slovakia/Czech Republic)

Pavel Jakubec (Czech Republic)

Lech Karpiński (Poland)

Aleksandra Kilian (Poland)

  • Presentation:

Aleksandra Kilian: A few new facts about larvae of Leiodes (Leiodescinnamomea (Panzer, 1793)(Leiodidae, Leiodini).

Karel Kodejš (Czech Republic)

Jonas Köhler (Germany)

  • Presentation:

Jonas Köhler: DNA barcoding of Coleoptera larvae: Its impact for ecological-faunistic monitoring studies on the example of woodlands south of Münster (Germany).

Jiří Kolibáč (Czech Republic)

Ondřej Kouklík (Czech Republic)

  • Presentation:

Ondřej Kouklík, Petr Šípek, Dominik Vondráček, Matthias Seidel: Larval morphology of Goliathini (Coleoptera: Cetoniinae) and its contribution towards the understanding of the group’s evolution.

David Král (Czech Republic)

Robin Kundrata (Czech Republic)

  • Presentation:

Robin Kundrata: The current state of knowledge of the larvae of Drilini (Elateridae: Agrypninae).

Tomáš Lackner (Slovakia/Germany)

Richard Leschen (USA/New Zealand)

  • Presentation:

Richard Leschen, Crystal Maier, Vít Sýkora & Martin Fikáček: Riffles and Mosses: Systematics and larvae of New Zealand Hydora (Coleoptera: Elmidae).

Bin Liu (China)

Yuanyuan Lu (China/Czech Republic)

Krzysztof Lubecki (Poland)

Petr Máslo (Czech Republic)

Keika Matsumoto (United Kingdom)

Martin Novák (Czech Republic)

Michel Perreau (France)

Katy Potts (United Kingdom)

Jakub Prokop (Czech Republic)

Marek Przewoźny (Poland)

Simone Policena Rosa (Brazil)

  • Presentation:

Rosa S. P., Costa C. & Lopes A. C.: The discovery of a new genus and species of Penicillophorinae (Phengodidae) from Southeastern Brazil: description of larva, pupa, neotenic female and alate male.

Rafał Ruta (Poland)

Jan Růžička (Czech Republic)

David Sadílek (Czech Republic)

Pavel Saska (Czech Republic)

Davide Scaccini (Italy) will not personally participate on IBM 2017

  • Poster:

Davide Scaccini: Observation on the pupal stage of Platycerus caprea and P. caraboides (Coleoptera: Lucanidae).

Matthias Seidel (Germany/Czech Republic)

Lukáš Sekerka (Czech Republic)

Helena Shaverdo (Belarus/Austria)

  • Presentation:

Helena Shaverdo: Larval morphology of Sandracottus mixtus (Blanchard, 1853) (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) with biological notes and phylogenetic considerations.

Petr Šípek (Czech Republic)

Jiří Skuhrovec (Czech Republic)

  • Presentation:

A Aragón García, BC Pérez Torres, M Elizalde-González & J Skuhrovec: Description of mature larva and pupa of Conotrachelus dimidiatus: the adversary of the delicious Psidium guajava.

Nut Songvorawit (Thailand)

  • Presentation:

Nut Songvorawit, Chatchawan Chaisuekul, Buntika Areekul Butcher: Larval performance differences between Aegus chelifer chelifer stag beetles (Coleoptera: Lucanidae) from urban and forest habitats.

Eliška Šormová (Czech Republic)

Kolla Sreedevi (India)

  • Presentation:

Kolla Sreedevi: Description of the third instar larva of white grub, Brahmina coriacea (Hope) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) – an endemic pest on potato in India.

Petr Švácha (Czech Republic)

Jolanta Świętojańska (Poland)

Vít Sýkora (Czech Republic)

János Gergő Szarkándi (Hungary)

Karol Szawaryn (Poland)

Mark Volkovitsh (Russia)

  • Presentation:

Mark Volkovitsh: Morphology of the larva of Cypress jewel beetle Lamprodila (Palmar) festiva (L.) and the problem of delimitation of Poecilonotini and Dicercini using larval characters (Coleoptera: Buprestidae).

Dominik Vondráček (Czech Republic)

  • Presentation:

Dominik Vondráček, Michael Hadjiconstantis & Petr Šípek: Phylogeny of the genus Oxythyrea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) using molecular, ecological and morphological data from adults and larvae.

Cheng-Bin Wang (China/Czech Republic)

Brigitta Wessels (Netherlands)

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