List of Participants (still in progress)

Robert Angus (UK)

Emmanuel Arriaga Varela (Mexico/Czech Republic)

Rolf Beutel (Germany)

Max Blake (UK)

  • Presentation:


Helge Georg Brunswig (Germany)

Cleide Costa (Brazil)

Vinicius Ferreira (Brazil/USA)

  • Presentation:

“Lycidae larvae and neotenous females”

Martin Fikáček (Czech Republic)

Levent Gültekin (Turkey)

  • Presentation:

“Ecological niches of immature stage of the Lixinae weevils”

Michael Ivie (USA)

Tomáš Lackner (Slovakia/Germany)

Matthias Seidel (Germany/Czech Republic)

Petr Šípek (Czech Republic)

Jiří Skuhrovec (Czech Republic)

Alexandra Tokareva (Russia/Denmark)

  • Presentation:

“Morphological description, bionomy and taxonomical issues of some previousely undescribed larval stages of 3 species of Oxyporinae Erichson, 1839”

Dominik Vondráček (Czech Republic)

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